Exclusively for your Face!



Exclusively for your Face!


Exclusively for your Face!



Women and Men
trust us with their face.

Trust your face
to our hands!

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We are experts in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Regenerative Areas.

We design faces…

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latest technology,
always in expert hands

We have

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our professional experience
and do part of your new look
and life style!

Let us share
with you

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we have a mobile unit
that could visit you
in the house and office

Thinking in
your rest,

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We are a highly qualified team located in Orlando FL, dedicated to the beauty, reconstruction, restauration and function of the Face, Head and Neck, with non or minimally-invasive procedures, and the regeneration of tissue with stem cells under the coordination of Doctor Daniel Manrique M.D., and Doctor Sonia Benitez DAOM, experts in the Facial Plastic, Aesthetic, Reconstructive, Regenerative, Laser and Holistic-Integrative medical area who provide high standards professional and human quality in the US.

Let us be part of your beauty.
Trust your FACE to our hands!

A Team Of Perfectionist

Exceptional Service

Relaxing Environment

Exclusive Packages Designed to Rejuvenate

Our Values

High-Quality Products

Advanced Treatments

Cutting-edge Technology

Highly-experienced and Talented Team

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Skincare doesn’t have to be hard

Skincare doesn’t have to be hard

Integrate the following tips into your routine Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be a difficult or time-consuming task. By incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine, such as...

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Medical Certifications

Trusted by the Best Organizations

American Board Certified in Laser Surgery

What Our Clients Say

I have the opportunity yo visit Caras Facial Center the personal was nice very good attention. I did the process in the Sofwave Machine was incredible experience I did not feeling any pain. I recommend this cara facial center I love it. And some friend did the Botox and filler’s They are very happy.

Carol Andrey

“I had the opportunity to visit Caras Facial center to have a procedure and in addition to being very happy with my peeling, the customer service of the professionals and the staff is exceptional, they were always aware of my progress and my result.”

Alex Brown

“Great experience! They are very professional and the service is amazing. The place is beautiful and clean.”

Camila Maldonado

“Approximately 25 days ago I had the opportunity to visit Caras and have a Softwave session, today is my first control and I have been able to see the changes, I am very happy with my transformation and although I know that I have not obtained the final result and that I must wait more time, I look and feel fresher, thank you Dr Manrique and team.”

Elsa Luna

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